April 1, 2022

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Productivity Event

Productivity Event

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Author(s): Tiago, Aidas


Here is what we have learned from the WBE Space Event about Productivity.

Aidas’ Presentation

The event started with a great presentation from our member Aidas about productivity. Here are the most relevant links:

Member’s Personal Tips

  • Plan the week in advance - Shaby, Alejandra
  • Uses a Todo list app for your daily planning, and recommends The Practicing Mind Book - Vishal
  • Start with the first step even if you still don’t know the next will be - Sam
  • Use trello boards to keep track of all the todo tasks and keep the main goals in mind - Tiago, Max
  • Outsource the tasks that you don’t like doing - Max
  • Have a building routine. Every morning take one hour for your side project - Luca
  • Journaling daily tasks, split todos into very small steps and recommends the Get Things Done Book - Marc
  • 90 min working cycles, brain dump when you have too many ideas in your brain - Justyna
  • Switching between two tasks helps keep the focus - Matias
  • Make the task appealing so that you would want to do it - Wolfy (and his blog post about it)